How to paddle a Lifetime Brand Kayak properly.

There are many how to videos and blogs on the Internet showing you how to correctly paddle in the kayak. That can be very helpful and informative. However, the lifetime kayaks that we have do not require such a strict techniques like the kayaks that you sit inside. It is recommended when paddling that you do not bring the paddle past your hips. On sit-inside kayaks you can actually tip your kayak over. Fortunately, that is not the case with the lifetime brand kayaks. The best tip we can give regarding paddling in lifetime kayaks is to make sure that the ends of your paddles are perpendicular to the water. If your paddle goes in at different angles it makes it difficult to get into a smoother rhythm and you work harder than needed.

One of the benefits of the lifetime kayaks is that the adult paddles have push buttons that allow you to adjust the angles of the kayak paddles. This can make for a more effective paddling experience. You place your hand a little bit wider than shoulder length apart. You then align the top knuckles with the sharp ends of the blade. Don't worry, if you happen to drop your paddle altogether it will not sink. The paddles are designed to float and hopefully they won't get too far away before you notice. The paddles also have a one year warranty and are designed to stand up to high temperatures (UV protected) and can handle very cold temperatures. To increase the longevity of your kayak and paddles we do recommend storing them indoors and covering them during the winter.


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